“Somie has such a down to earth personality, that it helped me open up to her, which in turn, showed me what my barriers were.”  L. Lacey

“My daughter and husband were beyond  picky eaters. Somie made our transition into “clean eating” like a breath of fresh air. Our entire family is now juicing WITH OUT complaints!” E.G

“My son suffered from severe allergies for years. With the knowledge and encouragement Somie offered, my son is now off of all his medications!!” One Happy Mom

“I have been trying to lose weight for over fifteen years! Nothing was working… Somie is just a God send. She went beyond the food and showed me what true health is all about. No counting calories, no deprivation, and no dreadful workouts. I have lost all the weight I wanted and have kept it off for two years.” Y.B

“I was so intimidated by all the changes I was probably going to have to make. Somie made this lifestyle change so easy for me. I really admired her humble approach and got a great amount of joy listening to all her struggles. She really can relate to her clients in many ways.” N. Grace

“Somie is just an Encyclopedia, Google, and Dictionary of knowledge. When it comes to foods and thoughts, she’s hands down my go to!” K. Contellio