I provide one on one confidential consulting in my private office, based out of Northern Virginia, or in the comfort of your own home.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage stress, have or have a loved one diagnosed with an illness like (thyroid disease, autism, ADHD, hypertension, cancer) to just name a few, or just want to be proactive in establishing a healthier you, I will work with you to accomplish these needs and goals.

Initial consultations are always FREE. These are set up via phone or Skype.

Pricing: $1200 per six month sessions. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted.

I work in six month increments/contracts. For the best results, I truly believe that good habits form by taking time. Learning to shop, meal plan, cook, clean up the environment around you (whether it’s physical or emotional), it takes time. Humans are creatures of habit, we need time to make the proper steps. Rushing into a program that is too invasive or unrealistic, will only lead to stress, which turns into resentment, fatigue and giving up.

Each six month contract will include one hour face to face meetings per month, individualized plans and programs designed by me. Grocery store tours to teach you how to read labels, shop for cleaner options that benefit your individual needs or family needs, cooking classes, smoothie and juicing classes, meal prepping on a budget, character building workshops,learning mindfulness practices, and exercise plans if needed. This can include yoga, meditation etc. Education is key when living a more holistic lifestyle.  So I will include multiple articles,recipes, videos and lectures to aid you in the new YOU.

If you live out of my area, or have a hectic schedule, services can be done through phone, Skype or FaceTime.