Salt Lamps


Disregard the dust on my coffee table but it’s time I shared this weird looking device that everyone seems to notice when they come over. It’s a salt lamp, a Himalayan salt lamp to be exact. No, it’s not meant to lick (as my son does and thinks I don’t know;)-but it is meant to clear the air in our homes. And not in the way you might think. You can steer clear of harmful cleaning products or room fresheners but this salt lamp creates Negative Ions.

Now I’m no scientist but I had to learn more about this when I was in school because anything with the word “negative” had a negative connotation to me. Just saying.
I stole this example from a site I love to follow called ‘Health Positive’ because they describe the benefits in such an elementary term that anyone will understand. I so much am not the best teacher;) So it goes like this- Do you ever notice how you feel better getting outside, being near water and especially near the ocean or waterfalls? This is because the air around you is filled with Negative Ions. Remember, this is good. To give you perspective, the beach carries up to 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. A place like the city will be as low as 100 ions per cubic centimeter. Whoa! No wonder I love the beach so much. Positive Ions (the bad one) are created by electronics, such as computers, tv’s microwaves, cellphones, etc. Which btw is pretty damn near impossible to avoid these days.

So what is the effect? Scientists have concluded that this can cause allergies, sluggish mood, stress in the body and insomnia. So too many Positive Ions can cause an overall sluggish feeling. Especially if you suffer from allergies. The lamp works by generating heat by the lightbulb and warming the salt, which then releases the Negative Ions. This then neutralizes the Positive Ions and cleans the air that surrounds you. This helps to alleviate many symptoms, like the sluggishness and stuffiness. I place mine in our bedrooms to help promote a better sleeping environment and also in the family room. This is where most people hang out and use the tv and or electronics. I can say it has served it’s purpose in our home.