Your Pits will thank you!

Deodorant is just one of those things that has become an everyday ritual to use.  Most people are afraid to leave the house without it. Throughout the last few decades though, artificial fragrances, aluminum, synthetic oils/materials and parabens have been added to these sticks that have been linked to breast cancers and are highly detrimental to our endocrine system. And remember, our skin is our third kidney, it absorbs everything into our body!

What’s so unfortunate is that in most cases, deodorant isn’t necessary. When someone has a clean eating lifestyle, the stink 95% of the time goes away. This is because their body is naturally able to break down their bodies PH levels properly which in turn- doesn’t allow those pits to stink. And no matter what, those brands that claim “natural ingredients” and “fragrance” are false! There is nothing “natural” about aluminum and “fragrance.”

Also, just like toothpaste and facial toners, deodorants will inhibit natural enzymes from neutralizing the funk. So try my favorite lifetime staple… You guessed it – coconut oil! I know it sounds odd and even a bit scary and gross but it works! Coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Coconut oil is absorbed and creates just the right PH balance for our bodies. Plus, who doesn’t like coconut smelling pits😁

Just try it out when you’re not going to feel so self conscious. After a shower or shaving, just massage a small amount into your underarms along with the rest of your body for an amazing moisturizer.

For those who want to make the switch but are just too scared for the funk to emerge or just can’t see yourselves walking around with a glass jar of coconut oil, try out Primal Pit Paste. This stuff has helped out some of my clients who swore they had the funkiest of funks under their armpits. It’s a solid coconut deodorant stick that has real essential oils incorporated. You can buy it from Whole Foods or even Amazon. One stick goes along way, so no need to stock up. Make the switch, your pits and your body will thank you!!